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We are TEA's


There are around forty well-known brands in the tea market. However, there are very few branded stores with two hundred franchises and "TEA'S 原味" is one of them. TEA'S has been established for more than ten years. The brands and products are firmly rooted in Taiwan and can be found across the country. But TEA'S has been going global since 2017 and opened stores in Japan and Malaysia and from 2020 also in Germany.


The original taste is the best!


The taste of TEA'S follows the old method of "boiled tea". The whole point is "quality", which precisely determines the water temperature and cooking time. Our teas are mainly red, green , black and Woolong tea, but also other original teas. Since tea essence and chemical raw materials are not used, it is recommended to drink the real tea sugar-free in order to enjoy the essence of the original taste at the same time.


"TEA'S 原味" was awarded the 2016 Golden Manufacturer Brand Certification by the Taiwan Consumers' Association and received the "Consumer Satisfaction Gold Award".


In 2019, Teas continued to expand in Asia and opened stores in Japan and Malaysia.

Since January 1st, 2020 TEAS has also been available with a shop in Hamburg. You can find us in the Europapassage, in the 1st basement.


The original website of TEAS Taiwan is:



Take a look here and become a part of TEA'S

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Become a franchise partner and part of our team.


You have a passion for tea, bubble tea and smoothies and then we like to talk to you about the concept.
Apply to us as a franchise partner. We support you in founding your own TEA'S shop.

You work for yourself - not for us!

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