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Our favorite TEA'S

You will find the delicious teas varieties with many toppings, such as tapioca bubbles or Boba in the Hamburger Europapassage, in the basement and from January 28th, 2021 in the Billstedt Center.

Cream Cheese Strawberry
Macha Latte
Brown Sugar Bubble Chocolate Milk
Bubble Black Tea Latte

Bubbles in tea.

We are often asked - what are the pearls in bubble tea?

Lots of people think it's jelly. But it is NOT.
Our bubbles are made from dark tapioca starch. And the shell of the Boba pearls is made from vegetable Japanese algae jelly.

Bubble Tea, also known internationally under the name "Pearl Milk Tea" or "Boba", is a Taiwanese drink based on sweetened green or black quality tea.

Our drinks are then available cold or warm, individually sweetened and with or without milk. And if you don't like them, you can leave out the bubbles and just enjoy the tea. Our full fruit tea with fresh blood oranges, oranges, apples and passion fruit is also very popular - it couldn't be healthier! And it gets exotic with chocolate tea or cream cheese tea. That sounds like a shame - but it is more than worth a try and in no way tastes like Cammenbert or Appenzeller hand cheese.

The teas are drunk with a straw or from a 2-go mug. And you have the choice of what kind of toppings, how sweet or whether warm or cold.

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